Tell your country’s story.  What challenges does your country face regarding the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Our aim is to educate the Japanese business and general community about your country so that we can try and find a solution together. 

Here is the format:

  • Video 1: Create a 3 min video introducing yourself and the country you are from

  • Video 2: Focus on a real problem related to the SDG’s.This may be one or many that need to be addressed to solve this problem

  • Video 3: How can Japan help?Which businesses in Japan have the capabilities to assist with solving this problem

  • Ensure that you receive release forms for any pictures and interviews that you may conduct or other content that is not originally yours

  • Include the Japanese and English transcript file, so that we are able to add subtitles to your video through our website channel which is hosted on Youtube


Fill in the form and the website administrator will evaluate the content and will inform you if and when your content will be added to our website.

Let’s tell the world about us and let’s make a difference together.


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